Shark attacks and whale migration
in Western Australia


Below are direct links to various websites where you can learn more about whales and sharks around the world, as well as archived newspaper stories from the early to mid 20th century that provide insights to species trends a hundred years ago.
Shark Attack Data
(mobile site)
Shark Attack Monitor
(desktop site)
Shooting Whales Off Queensland
(The Adelaide Advertiser 1954 - desktop site)
The Romance of Whaling in WA
(The Sunday Times 1914 - desktop site)
Winter Rendezvous for Whales
(The West Australian 1950 - desktop site)
Story of Whales
(The Western Mail 1953 - desktop site)
Story of Whaling in Westralian Waters
(Northern Times 1952 - desktop site)
Whaling on the Nor'west Coast
(The West Australian 1912 - desktop site)
A Naval Battle Between Whale and Sharks
(The Western Champion and General Advertiser 1910 - desktop site)
Fear Beneath
(mobile site)
White Shark Trust
(desktop site)
Shark Utopia
(mobile site)
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